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Gabrielle Hurtt

Rap with Gabrielle Hurtt


Gabrielle Hurtt, singer, actor, song writer, and entrepreneur, spoke about her newly released album – Through My Eyes. She also talked about overcoming the challenges of becoming a successful entertainer and offered advice for future school aged entertainers.


Minister Henry Hall

Musical Spectacular with Minister Henry Hall


2008 Stella Award Nominee Minister Henry Hall talked about how the songs on his album were a result of prayer and the scriptures that impacted his life. Minister Hall is only one of three independent artists that have been nominated for a Stella Award. He talked about how he mentored seven young boys who were without fathers in the home. His desires include producing another project as well as operating an education program for children in need of social and academic assistance. We also heard music from his latest album – It’s Harvest Time. Listen to the entire show @ www.culturallyspeakingshow.com.



Crisis with the New Jersey Alternative High School Assessment

Mr. James Harris - President of the New Jersey NAACP, and Mrs. Adrienne Sanders – Chairperson of the New Jersey NAACP Education Committee spoke about the new educational challenges that the
New Jersey community is facing as a result of the newly mandated alternative high school assessment process. Both NAACP officers offered valuable recommendations for the New Jersey Department of Education that will benefit students, parents, and the community at large.

Anoineted News Journal

Anointed News Journal

Chris Collins, editor of the Anointed News Journal spoke about overcoming youth and educational challenges in the city of
Camden to become the editor of an urban faith based news journal that has been in existence for sixteen years. Crystal Tucker spoke about enjoying her role as the assistant editor.

The Tolerance Project

The Tolerance Project

Larae Carter, a veteran correctional and diversity officer for Gloucester County Correctional Services, spoke about the need for the Tolerance Project and the community and student activities that were used by the Tolerance Project committee to reduce the number of hate crimes in the community.


Pro Life or Pro Death

Pro-Life or Pro-Death: Where do you stand?

Pastor Melanie Garuffi spoke about her anti-abortion ministry. During the interview she talked about how her experience as a child, family influences, and the Word of God led her into her ministry. She also spoke about the traumatic impact that abortions have on both men and women.

Fully Loaded for Christ

Fully Loaded for Christ


Christian rap artists T-Rell and J-Dub spoke about how they turned around their lives by allowing Jesus Christ to become the center of their lives. They both talked about how the continued negative elements of crime and gangs helped to turn around their lives. We also heard two of their latest hits.


Whats in Your Water?

What's in Your Water?


Mr. John Hinds, community activists and author of ‘What’s in Your Water’, spoke about the hazards of tap water and the benefits of purified water. He spoke about how poor water quality impacted his asthma and has helped to overcome other health challenges. According to Water.org, a little more that three million people  die from water related diseases, 43% of water related deaths are due to diarrhea, 84% of water related deaths are in children ages (0-14), and poor people living in slums often pay 5-10 times more for water when compared to wealthy people who live in the same city. Mr. Hinds provided recommendations for storing water and purifying water. He also talked about the type of bottled water that he drinks to ensure that he is drinking water that has the highest quality.


New Jersey ACT SO Program

The New Jersey ACT-SO Program


Deborah Gregory, chairperson for New Jersey ACT-SO, spoke about the 32 year old program that provides monetary and academic awards and laptop computers for competition winners. She also spoke about how parents and volunteers help the program so that our children can continue their successes as future leaders and entrepreneurs.



The Resurgence of the Gloucester County NAACP


Dr. Campbell, Loretta Winters - Gloucester County NAACP President, Dr. Butts and Dr. Carter both retired educators and NAACP members discuss the events that led to the resurgence of the Gloucester County NAACP as well as proactive NAACP initiatives.

Empowering Historically Underserved

Empowering the Historically Underserved Community through Economics

Dr. Campbell, Loretta Winters-real estate owner and president of the Gloucester County NAACP, Anthony Briddel-financial representative, and Ronnie Robbins-statewide mentoring Amachi coalition director, spoke about plans to strengthen the economic powerbase of the historically underserved community.

Barrack Obama

Now That Barack Obama Is The President…Where Do We Go From Here?

Dr. Campbell and talk show guest Estina Baker made recommendations for increasing the political and economical power base for the historically underserved community. Ms. Estina Baker is a nationally recognized Actress, Poet and Storyteller.


Negative Remarks about Earthquake Stricken Haiti

Dr. Campbell responded to negative comments that were made by Paul Shirley regarding the efforts to assist the people of Haiti. Shirley failed to recognize how the dysfunctional European thirst for slavery has impacted the present culture of Haiti and the thinking of the people of Haiti. Dr. Campbell also spoke about helping the people of Haiti by teaching them to manage their human capital as a resource for economically redeveloping the country and redeveloping the mindset of the voodoo culture that dominates and transforming it into a Christian culture. Dr. calls on Christians to work as a team that will transform the Haiti.

Back to Your Authentic Self

Back to Your Authentic Self... God's Way!

During the show Ms. Simpson talked about her book ‘Back to Your Authentic Self…God’s Way’. Ms. Simpson provided solutions for people who are facing depression and gave recommendations for parents. Dr. Campbell and Ms. Simpson spoke about how the book can be used to overcome temptation, homosexuality, and same sex marriage.

Gloucester Township Cultural Challenges

Gloucester Township Cultural Challenges

During a phone interview, Mr. Phil Warner, president of Gloucester Township NAACP spoke about the continuing challenge of racial profiling, cultural biases in our schools, and the future goals of the local NAACP. Mr. Warner and Dr. Campbell talked about the biased administrative decisions that increase the underrepresentation of non-historically underserved student involvement in disciplinary infractions and the solutions to racial profiling.

Overcoming the Poverty Cycle

Overcoming the Poverty Cycle by Reducing Classroom Disruptions for Historically Underserved Students

Dr. Campbell speaks about how classroom disruptions impact the educational outcome for our young people.  Classroom disruptions lead to increased displinary consequences. lower student achievement, increased tardies and absences from school which ultimately impacts the children's future in our society. 

Continuing Civil Rights Challenges

Continuing Civil Rights Challenges

Mr. Walter Dority, a veteran civil rights activist and champion for the little guy, spoke about the negative impact that the Civil Rights Act has had on the historically underserved community and the lack of financial support that the stimulus package has made for the historically underserved communities.

National and New Jersey Cultural Challenges


National and New Jersey Cultural Challenges


Mr. James Harris, elected president of the New Jersey NAACP, spoke about the civil rights challenges that exist in our nation and New Jersey. During the interview Mr. Harris highlighted the school to prison cultural tract that is creating a permanent societal underclass, the cultural conflict between parental guidance and the schools culture, and the impact of teacher demographics on the education of our historically underserved youth.

The Power of Thanks

The Power of Thanks


Minister Kevin Brown of Living Faith Christian Center, which is located in Pennsauken, NJ, speaks about ‘The power of Thanks’. During the interview he shared a real-life story of how he was upset with God and after giving God thanks he was able to save souls for Christ during a Home Going Service.


Running for the Mayor of Camden NJ

Running for the mayor of Camden New Jersey as an independent candidate

Angel Cordero, an independent mayoral candidate, talks about his political platform to improve the living conditions for the residents of Camden City.

Fatherhood Marriage and family

Fatherhood, marriage, and family

Dr. Fatherhood – Greg Campbell – writer, actor, and motivational speaker, spoke about importance of fatherhood and family during a telephone interview on the Culturally Speaking with Doctor Derrick radio talk show. During the interview he spoke about how he progressed through the fatherhood learning process and found the wisdom needed for accomplishing this task by reading the book of Proverbs in the Holy Bible.

Social and Civil Injustice in Asbury Pard

Social and Civil Injustices in Asbury Park


 Asbury Park-Neptune NAACP president – Adrienne Sanders, treasurer- Rose Foster-Bloodsaw, and NAACP member – Frankie Nicholson speak about the social and civil injustices that the predominately White Asbury Park School Board has forced on a predominately African American community.

Running as an Independent in Camden City

Running as an independent council person in the city of Camden New Jersey

Revered Clyde Cook, a resident of Camden City New Jersey, will spoke about his reasons for running for the City Council as an independent candidate.

Howard Jean The Person

Howard Jean - The Person

Howard Jean, an entrepreneur and educational leader at Cheney University, speaks about the milestones that he has attained, his future goals, and how his spiritual foundation and family has influenced his successes. He also speaks about that strategies that keep him motivated as well as how failures have influenced his successes.

Youth Employment Program

Youth Employment Program


Mrs. Patricia Levy-Neuin, a workforce counselor for Temple University, speaks about an educational program that provides office accountant management training and provides the opportunity for participants to become certified in medical billing. 



Current Changes in High School Graduation Requirements


Dr. Joan Duval-Flynn, the chairperson of the Education Committee Pennsylvania State Conference NAACP Branches and president of the Media Area Unit of the NAACP, speaks about the impact that the new proposed changes in high schools graduation requirements will have on students, parents, and school districts.


Leading the City of Camden

Leading the Camden City residents by becoming the newly elected Council At-Large Member

Reverend Clyde Cook, a resident of Camden City, speaks about how his leadership will effectively shape the city once he is elected as a Council At-Large member.

Dr Perry

Back pain and maintaining good spinal health

Dr. Perry Cicchini, a chiropractor for 23 years, spoke about the various treatments for back pain and the importance of maintaining good spinal health. He also spoke about how chiropractic treatments can benefit our youth.

The Elderyly and their Family Members

The elderly and their family members versus the Nursing Home Community

Dr. Brady spoke about the challenges that she has encountered and witnessed while overseeing the caring of a family member. She also spoke about the strategies that family members can use to ensure that their loved ones receive the appropriate care in a nursing home community.

Agent Orange



Agent Orange





Reverend Lanxton Washington, the pastor of Campbell A.M.E. Church which is located in Media, PA speaks about the impact that Agent Orange has had on our veterans and what resources are available for veterans seeking treatment and compensation.




Dr. James Woods, pastor of El Shaddai Christian Assembly, speaks about fatherhood grounded in biblical principles, his experiences fathering his children, and experiences that influenced his fatherhood leadership style. El Shaddai Christian Assembly is located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Commnity of Color in Crisis

Community of Color in Crisis


Dr. Duval-Flynn, president of the Media Area Unit of the NAACP, speaks about the crisis that the community of color is facing and provides advice for parents and students.

Increasing Minority Teachers in Our Schools

Increasing Minority Teachers in Our Schools

Mr. Howard Jean, director of the Call Me Mister and TS2 College Programs, speaks about the challenges and successes of both programs which are designed to increase the number of minority teachers in our schools. For more information contact Mr. Howard Jean at SEIL.President@gmail.com or www.twitter.com/haitian_prince.    


Servicing Our Military Youth with the Word of God


Mr. Bruce Pierce and Mr. Paul Harvey, representatives of Military Community Youth Ministries (MCYM) also know as Club Beyond, speak about some of the challenges that our military youth are encountering and how their organization services that need.



Ethical Decision Making Process to Assess the Need for Improving Racial and Gender Relationships in Schools and Businesses


Dr. Derrick L. Campbell speaks about an ethical decision making process that educational and business leaders should use when assessing the need for implementing an initiative that improves racial and gender relationships.



Transforming an Urban City by becoming the Mayor


Mujiba Parker, a Camden City New Jersey resident and independent mayoral candidate, speaks about how she will overcome the challenges that exists in the city.



The Successful Husband and Father


Mr. Rob Carter speaks about leadership strategies that have helped his wife and children remain successful.



Providing Positive Values to Our Children Through Christian Rap Music


Terell Mantez (T-Rell) and John Walker (J-Dub), Christian rap artists from Fullyloaded (4 Christ), speak about the positive message that they are sending to our youth.



The Math Challenges that Students are Encountering: Part One


Alex Conaway, a middle school math teacher, discuss the math challenges that students are encountering in our schools.




The Impact that Christian Rap Music has on Our Youth : Part One


Terell Mantez and John Walker, Christian rap artists from Fullyloaded (4 Christ), speak about how their music has a positive impact on our youth.


Leading Your Marriage into the Promised Land


Dr. And Mrs. Campbell discuss Dr. Campbell's new book Leading Your Marriage into the Promised Land and their reflections on how the leadership process influenced their marriage.



Transforming Attitudes Towards Money and Wealth by Following Biblical Principles


Minister Kevin Brown from Living Faith Christian Center in Pennsauken New Jersey, speaks about the biblical principals towards money and wealth, the differences between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdoms of the World, and God's plan for prosperity in difficult times.



Transforming an urban city by becoming the mayor


Angel Cordero, a Camden City community activist and future mayoral candidate speaks about the educational and crime challenges in Camden City and how he as the future mayor will overcome the challenges.



The Positive Impact that the Community Education Resource Network (CERN) has on the youth in Camden City


Angel Cordero, a Camden City community activist, speaks about the positive impact that the Community Education Resource Network (CERN) has on students in Camden City and the educational challenges faced by Camden City parents and students.



Improving Student Achievement by Transforming Student Eating Habits


Dr. Kia Phillips, an assistant principal, speaks about the impact that healthy student eating habits has on student achievement. Dr. Phillips provides strategies for teachers, parents, and school districts that desire to transform the eating habits of students.


The Positive Impact of the Juvinele Justice System

The Positive Impact of the Juvenile Justice System


Jonathan Cook, a graduate of Lincoln University and a 22 year veteran employee of the New Jersey Juvenile Justice System, speaks about the programs and experiences that have a positive impact on our troubled youth.




Closing the Gender and Race Gap for Minority Students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Majors



Dr. John Robinson, a Rowan University faculty member, outlines a plan for higher education, K-12 schools, and parents that will increase minority student success in the STEM majors.




Transforming Our Communities by Training Christians Who Desire to Become Business Persons


Minister Kevin Brown from Living Faith Christian Center in Pennsauken New Jersey, speaks about a ministry that teaches Christians how to prosper as business leaders.



Diversity Challenges in Higher Education



Grace Odums, a Strategy Consultant, speaks about the different diversity challenges in higher education and how these challenges impact the United States and world economy.



The Culturally Proficient School



Dr. Franklin CampbellJones, vice president of CampbellJones and Associates, former college professor at Rowan University, and educator for over thirty years speaks about the Culturally Proficient School.




Diversity Challenges in the Workplace


Grace Odums, a Strategy Consultant, speaks about the cultural challenges in the workplace, schools, and the connection to higher education. Two fifth grade students, Joshua Carey and Sterling Brown III speak about other students in their school using the n-word.



Solving Cultural Challenges in Our Schools Part I


Dr. Derrick L. Campbell, speaks about some of the different cultural challenges in our schools and the solution.



Student Perspectives on Effective and Ineffective Teacher-Student Classroom Relationships


Two former high school students who recently graduated from the District of Columbia Public Schools, Craig Campbell Jr. and Marquita McClain, speak about effective and ineffective teachers.



Minority Youth Overcomes Cultural Challenges


Ty Agar, a Yale University graduate, speaks about his journey from Camden City New Jersey Public Schools to a successful business owner.



Manager-Employee Workplace Relationships

Human Resources Manager, Sheila Campbell, speaks about the different cultural challenges that employees, managers, and human resource personnel face in the workplace.

The Culturally Proficient Student


The Culturally Proficient Student



Dr. Wanda Carter, speaks about how culturally proficient students are able to succeed in school as well as the challenges that non-proficient students face in our schools.Dr. Wanda Carter, speaks about how culturally proficient students are able to succeed in school as well as the challenges that non-proficient students face in our schools.





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