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Father Leadership Principles Head Phones 
Dr. Campbell spoke about Father Leadership Principles during the Responsible Fatherhood Conference Call. The Responsible Fatherhood Conference Call Series is supported by the National Fatherhood Initiative and the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse.

Leading Your Marraige into the Promised Land
Head Phones 
Dr. Campbell spoke during the National Capital Baptist Convention. He talked about the importance of Christians joining forces to ensure that family resembles Gods original intentions.
Promoting Positive Racial Relationships: The Road to Freedom BookHead Phones
Dr. Campbell recently spoke at the Asbury Park NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner and Dance. As a historically underserved community we must become more business minded to develop respectful racial relationships which will set the stage for developing positive racial relationships. In his speech he pointed out how positive racial relationships have helped him personally, helped our ancestors to remove themselves from slavery, and helped the NACP.

Promoting Positive Racial Teacher-Student Classroom Relationships Book
Dr. Campbell spoke at he Perth Amboy NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner. He spoke about the opinions that oppose and the need for promoting positive racial teacher-student classroom relationships.





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